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Ottosson linseed oil paint is great for protecting exterior hardwood timbers, like Totora, and doesn't blister in the heat like acrylic paint does.

Peter Harris, owner of Orauwharo Homestead, Waipukarau. New Zealand's largest privately owned wooden building

Tuckers housetruck.jpg

I am really stoked with the finish that the linseed oil paint has made on my house-truck. I was looking for a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution and Ekopaints provided it!

Johnny Tucker, House-truck Builder


Painter of this big old barn in Glenorchy, Central Otago, with Caput Mortuum linseed oil paint - "the paint goes on nice."

Corey Macaskill, Painter, Cromwell

Testimonials: Testimonials

Painted with Ottosson Matt linseed oil paint two bedrooms, a bathroom, a toilet and a hallway in my villa in Provence, France. Excellent finish and incredible coverage at 20 sq m per litre of linseed oil paint!

Patrik, Le Muy, France

Bill's Shower room.jpg

Our bathroom ceiling was painted 4 years ago with Ottosson linseed oil paint over existing acrylic paint, which was flaking badly. Since then the has been no flaking or mold 

Bill Jack, Homeowner

Picture of Ken.jpg

As a Professional Painter I recommend Ottosson linseed oil paint as it is great to work with, contains no nasty toxic solvents and it is very easy to clean hands and brushes after the job is done.

Ken Maloney, Painter

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