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Linseed oil soap

Ottosson’s makes its own linseed oil soap, handcrafted from Swedish cold-pressed linseed oil. It is cleansing and rehydrates the skin. The low pH value (9–10) makes this soap gentle and caring for hands and feet.

Contains potash-presaponified linseed-oil fatty acids and water. The soap is very oily and does not dry out the skin.

Uses of linseed oil soap

Ottosson linseed oil soap is particularly good at washing out the brushes and rollers that you have used to paint linseed oil paint with. It makes this task really quick and effective, also excellent at washing off linseed paint from your hands.


General cleaning, laundry detergent, window cleaning, hand & shower soap, foot bath, lubricant (squeaky hinges, for example), cleaning and re-greasing of rubber and leather, scrubbing of wooden floors, cleaning of brushes, car washing, and more.

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