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How to paint with linseed oil paint

These instructions are general methods that describe how to paint with linseed oil paint from Ottosson Färgmakeri (other manufacturers may have other instructions). These methods have been proven through years of use, and if these instructions are followed, even the novice painter has good chances of success.

The versatility of linseed oil paint makes it difficult to describe in words how one should paint to achieve a good result. Example: A painting technique instruction such as “apply a thin layer” can be difficult for a beginner to understand. It’s easy to be uncertain, and wonder “how thin is thin”?

Painting is very visual. It must be seen and experienced for the user to fully absorb the information, so as a complement to these written instructions, we have produced short instructional videos that are available on our website.


Linseed oil paint offers possibilities for variation that no other type of paint can achieve. It can be used on a variety of materials both indoors and outdoors, and with increasing experience, the user can adapt the paint to any requirement.

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