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Ekopaints distributes Ottosson linseed oil paints made in Sweden in New Zealand and Australia, their paints are eco-friendly, sustainable house paints. Linseed oil paint is for both interior and exterior use, and it's natural colours provide a beautiful long lasting finish. Linseed oil paint works out less costly as it spreading further, and it doesn't evaporate or harden in the can like acrylic paints do.

Linseed oil paint contain no toxins so it is great to work with and it provides a healthy environment to living in. Ottosson paints uses natural pigments which makes it far more resistant to the harsh UV light of New Zealand than the synthetically produced pigments in acrylic paints. Unlike acrylic paints, linseed oil paint contains no plastic polymers, so it's a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to conventional paints.

Linseed oil paint uses linseed oil as the solvent and the binder to penetrates into the wood, plaster or metal to provide a far better protection against moisture damage than acrylic paints. The linseed oil in the paint makes it spread further than water-based acrylic paints and it won't dry on the brush and leave streaks like acrylic paints do on hot days, so it's really a joy to work with!

Ottosson linseed oil paint is the highest quality and most durable paint that money can buy. It protects wood from rotting and metal from rusting and lasts for decades not years. Comparing linseed oil paint to acrylic paint is like comparing butter to margarine.

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