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Speedheater Rapid Slim

Speedheater Rapid Slim

Half as wide, twice as fast

The Speedheater IR System Rapid Slim makes paint removal on both interiors and exteriors efficient and easy. This model is designed with an optimized heating area to make accessing corners easier. This IR heater makes it fast, safe and environmentally friendly to soften and remove paint from most surfaces, including wood and concrete. The infrared heat also lets you remove glue and varnish, and it even works great on putty, no matter if the putty is old and hardened or fresh and rubbery. Our window tool kit, angle support and a handy Speedheater Storage Box also come included with this product. Additionally, the paint scrapers are perfect for furniture restoration. Everything is designed to achieve the best possible results in the shortest amount of time. When it comes to straight, flat surfaces, like large window sashes, facades and joinery, this system is second to none.

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