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Ottosson raw linseed oil 1 litre

Ottosson raw linseed oil 1 litre

SKU: 632835642834572

1 litre Ottosson raw linseed oil


    Swedish cold-pressed raw linseed oil of the highest quality. The oil is stored for at least 6 months after being pressed so that any slime products may settle. It is a natural treatment without any chemical additives. The absolutely pure linseed oil is then decanted to another storage tank.

    Raw linseed oil has a lower surface tension than water and therefore penetrates deeper than water into all forms of substrate. This ability renders it unrivalled where protection against wood rot is concerned. In addition to oiling, raw linseed oil is used to dilute linseed oil paint outdoors. It is also used for storing paint brushes. Raw linseed oil dries slowly.


    We do not have to give a refund if you change your mind about a purchase — so please choose carefully.

    If the product you have bought is faulty, we will provide a remedy as required by the Consumer Guarantees Act.


    Delivery of our paint can be arranged depending on the lead-time required. Your paint can either be air freighted in which takes about a week or it can be shipped from Sweden, which takes around 7-8 weeks.


    • Store rags in a non combustible container (metal) with a close fitting lid, away from the house and combustible materials
    • Rags soaked with linseed or other drying oils may smoulder for several hours before flames are visible
    • Rags used with linseed oil should be allowed to dry completely in a safe place, away from flammable materials . The best way to achieve this is to lay the rags out flat on a concrete driveway and allow them to completely dry off.
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