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The last 20 years have been largely marked by care for our environment. This has in many ways played into our hands as the linseed oil meets many of the criteria set for an environmentally friendly product. Linseed oil is made from flax and flax can be grown and does not consume our resources. Linseed oil breaks down in nature without leaving harmful residues. Linseed oil paint can almost always be applied without the addition of solvents.


Today, it is common to say that a paint is harmless if it is “water-based”. The term "water-based paint" is misleading in that the paint is not based on water but instead is soluble with water, "water-soluble". This type of paint is based on completely different chemical substances and it is the impact of these substances on the environment and humans that must be assessed.

Below is a picture of a field of fax in Southern Sweden from which Ottosson linseed oil paint is made.

Flax fields.tiff
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