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What oil should I use for maintenance?

Here are some different options that we recommend. The fast-drying and film-forming properties of boiled linseed oil make it suitable for restoring shine and color to a surface painted with linseed oil paint, but which has faded. Remember to apply the oil thinly and dry off any excess with a cloth. On a sawn surface painted with linseed oil paint, balsamic turpentine can be added to the boiled linseed oil so that it can be spread out thinly. When carrying out maintenance on surfaces that require a more durable and harder surface, such as outdoor furniture on a terrace, we recommend Bioimpression oil varnish (from Le Tonkinois). If, on the other hand, the wood surface is heavily dried with dry cracks, we recommend using raw linseed oil instead. The crude oil penetrates and strengthens the wood. Alternatively, it is time to repaint the surface.

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